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We started NETINT with a big dream of combining the benefits of silicon with the quality and flexibility of software for video encoding using proprietary ASICs.


The video streaming industry hadn’t seen a new ASIC-based transcoder since 2002.

CPU-based encoding costs continue to escalate for live streaming companies. Fast forward to today where costs have outright skyrocketed.


NETINT founded to develop next-gen SoC solutions


Alex Liu and Tao Zhong foresaw the need for ASIC-based transcoding


NETINT launched its 1st commercially available ASIC-based transcoder, the T408


Meta released its ASIC transcoder, Mount Shasta, for internal use only


Google announced ARGOS, its ASIC-based transcoder exclusively for the YouTube platform


NETINT launches Quadra, its 2nd Gen Smart VPU with AI and AV1

Comprised of visionaries and over achievers

NETINT’s engineering team is significantly smaller than the competition, consisting of 180 technical professionals, yet we successfully shipped two highly functional and market-proven ASICs in three years. We’re also the company with all the impressive firsts.

These weren’t run-of-the-mill transcoding ASICs either. NETINT’s first ASIC, the Codensity G4, transcodes both H.264 and HEVC and draws 7 watts of power in full operation. The second generation G5 adds AV1 output, plus onboard scaling and overlay, and two AI engines. As you can see, AV1 and A1 are industry firsts.

Remarkably, Google, which far and away transcodes more video to the AV1 format than any site, still doesn’t have an ASIC that transcodes to AV1. Of course, we know where they can get one.

Dedicated World Changers

NETINT Technologies is a technology company operating in the silicon sector as an innovator of SoC solutions for video streaming and AI. NETINT was founded by an experienced team of silicon engineers, innovative scientists, video engineers, and streaming industry insiders. We have R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, and Shanghai.


Senior Engineers. Entire team assembled from top-tier IC design and media processing companies


Minimum years experience for each of our technical Architects
The need for more efficient video encoding for the data center has never been greater. Unlike most of our competitors, transcoding isn’t a small product line or side business for NETINT. It’s our only business. And we’re committed to being the best in the world at encoding video.
If you are looking to push the bounds of your career and the streaming industry, let’s talk.