NETINT Video Transcoding Server – an Economical and Sustainable Solution


NETINT Video Transcoding Server Offers Interactive Streaming Engineers an Economical and Sustainable Solution


Burnaby, Canada – April 10, 2024 – The US $8,900 NETINT Video Transcoding Server is now available to provide a more sustainable and cost-efficient option for high-volume interactive streaming producers. The server combines the Supermicro 1114S-WN10RT AMD EPYC 7543P-powered server with ten NETINT T408 Video Transcoders, which draw only 7 watts apiece. The server outputs HEVC and H.264 at normal or low latency and can be controlled via FFmpeg, Gstreamer, or a low-level API. This makes the server a drop-in replacement for a traditional x264/x265 FFmpeg-based software or GPU-based encoding stack.

Quadra Server

Announcing the new product, NETINT COO and co-founder Alex Liu, stated, “At NETINT, we understand the challenges that high-volume interactive streaming producers face today. That’s why we’re excited to offer the NETINT Video Transcoding Server, which delivers an unprecedented cost per stream, ultra-low power consumption, and seamless integration with existing workflows. With the NETINT server, we’re proud to help our customers increase their transcoding capacity while reducing their carbon footprint and overall costs.”

The Quadra Video Server delivers 10x the performance of a single T1U.
NETINT Quadra Video Server

Ultra High Volume/Ultra Low Power Consumption

In pure transcoding operations, the 1RU server can output 20 4K30 streams, 80 1080p30 streams, and up to 170 720p30 streams for a cost per stream of $53/720p stream. For ABR producers, the server can output up to 30 five-rung H.264 encoding ladders and up to 28 four-rung HEVC encoding ladders at normal latency, all while drawing under 325 watts of total power. For UHD producers, the unit can output up to seven 6-rung 4K HEVC encoding ladders in SDR or HDR modes. This performance makes the server a great solution for engineers seeking to increase their transcoding capacity while shrinking the number of required servers and the associated power bills.

The NETINT Video Transcoding Server is powered by a 32-core AMD EPYC 7543P CPU Series Processor and runs Ubuntu 20.04.05 LTS. It ships with 256 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM and a 400GB M.2 SSD drive with 3x PCIe slots and ten NVME slots that house the ten T408 transcoders. The T408 was placed in service in 2019 and has since encoded over 200 billion viewer minutes of live video, making it one of the bestselling ASIC-based encoders on the market.

The NETINT Video Transcoding Server proved exceptionally efficient regarding power consumption, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a more sustainable solution. With a lower-cost model available for pure transcoding operations, and a more powerful model for CPU-intensive operations, the NETINT server family is suitable for a wide range of interactive and ABR streaming productions.

About NETINT Technologies

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of ASIC-based video processing solutions for low-latency video transcoding that operates on x86 and ARM-based servers. Users of NETINT solutions realize a 10X increase in encoding density and a 20X reduction in carbon emissions compared to CPU-based software encoding solutions.

NETINT makes it seamless to move from software to hardware-based video encoding so that hyper-scale services and platforms can unlock the full potential in their computing infrastructure. NETINT is a VC-backed company made up of silicon innovators passionate about building high-impact solutions that leave an indelible mark on the world. NETINT R&D and business offices are in Vancouver, Toronto, and Shanghai. Visit to learn more.


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