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Quadra T2A

Video Processing Unit - Module

The Quadra T2A is an AIC (HHHL) form-factor VPU that operates in x86 or Arm-based servers. The T2A is equipped with two Codensity G5 ASICs, which is the first ASIC to output AV1. With embedded AI and 2D engines, the T2A can support AI-enhanced video encoding, region of interest, and content-adaptive encoding.

The T2A enables cloud gaming providers to achieve unprecedented high throughput with ultra-low latency. Quadra T2A enables video operators to move from software to hardware-based encoding to power real-time video applications and the metaverse at a TCO that is 40x less than CPU-based solutions.

Codensity G5 2nd Gen chip x2 inside

T2A Specs

Form Factor
2x Codensity G5
PCIe 4.0 x4
Power Consumption (Typ)
24/7 Operation
Operation Temperature
0 – 50°C
RoHS Compliance
European Union (EU) ROHS Compliance Directives
Product Health Monitoring
Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) commands Temperature Monitoring & Logging
Video Encoding Standards/Formats
AVC/H.264 Baseline, Main, High, High 10
HEVC/H.265 Main, Main 10
AV1 Main
YUV 420 8 bit/10 bit decoding
Video Decoding Standards/Formats
AVC/H.264 Baseline, Main, High, High 10
HEVC/H.265 Main, Main 10
VP9 Profile 0, 2
YUV 420 8 bit/10 bit decoding
Throughput Capacity
64x 1080p30
16x 4Kp30
4x 8Kp30
Audio Standards/Formats
1 to 6.2 Main Tier
Min/Max Resolution
32 x 32 to 8192 x 5120
Scan Type
64kbit/s to 700Mbit/s
Software Integration
FFmpeg SDKs, LibXcoder API integration
AI Deep Neural Network Engine
AI Assisted Encoding
Region of Interest (ROI)
ROI enables the quality of some regions to be improved at the expense of other regions
Closed Captioning
EIA CEA-708 for H.264 and HEVC encode/decode
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HDR10, HDR10+, HLG for H.264 and HEVC encode/decode
Low Latency
Sub-frame latency
IDR Insert
Forced IDR frame inserts at any location
Flexible GOP Structure
8 presets plus customizable GOP structure
Video 2D Processing Engine
Crop & Padding/Scaling/Overlay/YUV & RGB Conversion

Work Flow

High-Density Solution

Quadra T2A uses two Codensity G5 ASICs to support AV1, HEVC, and H.264 real-time video encoding up to 8K resolution with 10-bit HDR.


These platform providers have successfully converted their servers to ASIC VPUs:

Live Streaming Platforms

Get real-time, broadcast quality, high-density transcoding at 20X the capacity of CPU-software encoding, while decreasing carbon emissions.

  • Real Time Interactive
  • Video Conference

Cloud Gaming Platforms

An architecture of ASIC-based video encoding plus GPU video rendering enables a financially viable platform that supports more players at the lowest cost per session.

  • 360 / VR / AR
  • Virtual Worlds

Surveillance Platforms

Quadra’s AI functionality enables advanced object detection and classification with near-lossless compression ideal for security providers.

  • NVR Monitoring Surveillance
  • Control Center Video Wall

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