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Quadra Video Server

Video Processing with AI

Built on the Supermicro 1114S-WN10RT server platform, NETINT’s Quadra Video Server boasts ultra-high density encoding capacity enabled by ten T1U VPUs (video processing units).

Codensity G5 2nd Gen chip

Video Server

CPU Options
AMD EPYCTM 7232P Server Processor (8-core)
AMD EPYC 7543P Server Processor (32-core)
AMD EPYC 7713P Server Processor (64-core)
Operating System
Ubuntu 20.04.05 LTS (as of May 2023)
8x 16GB DDR4-3200
400GB M.2 SSD
NVMe Support
PCIe Expansion
Up to 3x PCIe slots
Network Options
Dual 10GBase-T LAN
Power Consumption
Power Supply
700W: 100 – 140Vac
750W: 200 – 240Vac
750W: 200 – 240Vdc (CCC only)
10x NETINT Quadra T1U
Encoding Capacity
Up to 40 4Kp60 or 320 1080p30
Codec Support
H.264 – Encode/Decode
HEVC – Encode/Decode
VP9 – Decode
AV1 – Encode
Transcoder Software
FFmpeg, GStreamer
Physical Dimensions
W: 17.2” (437mm), H: 1.7” (43mm), D: 23.5” (597mm)
Rack Size
39 lbs (17.69 kg) (includes 10 processors)
50 degrees F to 95 degrees F Operating Temperature, 8% to 90% Operating Relative Humidity
Power Inputs
100 – 140Vac / 8 – 6V / 50-60Hz
200 – 240Vac / 4.5 – 3.8A / 50-60Hz
200 – 240Vdc / 4.5 – 3.8A (CCC Only)
RoHS Compliant, UL Approved

Work Flow

This is why Google built a custom chip for YouTube

For everyone else who isn't Google, we did the heavy lifting for you

Google’s ASIC called ‘Argos,’ helps YouTube encode and process videos much more efficiently. Argos chips provide “up to 20-33x improvements in compute efficiency compared to its previous traditional server set up,” according to a Google executive. Another report suggests that Argos replaced over 10 million Intel CPUs in YouTube.

The real cost of live streaming

Cost comparison supporting 100 HD streams, 24/7, across 3 video encoding scenarios, over a three year period.

Companies that converted their software encoding to Smart VPUs realized 75-85% savings in their data center’s OPEX expenses.

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