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The truth about encoding ASICs (Why YouTube and Meta encode with ASICs and how you can too)

Software running on commodity cloud-based servers is thought to represent the ultimate in flexibility, cost control, and implementation speed. Why, then, do the largest video platforms in the world, YouTube and Facebook, run largely on ASICs? The reason lies in the significant power and density advantages that purpose-built silicon delivers.

In this discussion, Dylan Patel from SemiAnalysis and Alex Liu from NETINT will share secrets behind the development of large technology company ASIC projects and reveal the change driving massive investment in ASIC development.

Play Video about Topic The truth about encoding ASICs (Why YouTube and Meta encode with ASICs and how you can too) - with Dylan Patel from SemiAnalysis and Mark Donnigan from NETINT

Live Streaming in a Box | Party talk or cutting edge solution?

Curious how today, everyone can access the cost and performance benefits of hardware video encoding without needing to invest in massive development projects or special hardware? As software encoding in the cloud is getting more expensive, only hardware can deliver the performance and operational cost that is needed for live video streaming at scale.

Watch NETINT’s Mark Donnigan and StreamVX CEO Szymon Karbowski as they discuss how StreamVX is enabling services and platforms to deliver high-quality, low-latency video with their live streaming-in-a-box solution.

Play Video about NETINT Technologies about Live Streaming in a Box w Szymon Karbowski from StreamVX and Mark Donnigan from NETINT

Streaming video industry challenges in a volatile world. Reflections upon the past year

2022 has been a tumultuous year where conventional norms have been upended in every facet of life. This is no less true in the streaming video industry, where new emerging platforms, including cloud gaming and the Metaverse, gain traction but are tempered by volatile markets, environmental pressures, and soaring energy costs driven by global events. 
Where do we go from here?  

While current global events and macroeconomic instability are troubling, they also represent an enormous opportunity to rethink streaming video business models. Ideally, by leveraging new advanced technologies that will lower both CAPEX and OPEX while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. 

Watch Bob Fung and Ben Lee’s intriguing discussion on the duality that the streaming video industry is facing.

Play Video about Streaming video industry challenges in a volatile world. Reflections upon the past year
Conversation between BOB FUNG (NETINT) and BEN LEE (SUPERMICRO)

Why use hardware for video encoding? Streaming video industry insights

Transcoding with ASICs has gotten a lot of attention lately. From YouTube’s ARGOS VPU to Meta’s new ASIC that prompted noted compressionist David Ronca to comment that there are only two types of companies, “those that are using Video Processing ASICs in their workflows, and those that will.’

Based in Sweden, RealSprint provides live-streaming solutions to companies around the globe. When choosing a transcoder for the AV1 capabilities of its Vindral Live CDN, RealSprint considered software transcoding, as well as GPU and CPU acceleration and ASICs. Not surprisingly, RealSprint made the same decision as YouTube and Meta and chose ASICs.

Watch Jan Ozer from NETINT, and Daniel Alinder from RealSprint, as they discuss the role of hardware encoding and ASICs to enable ultra-low latency 4K streaming with the AV1 codec.

NO TIME TO WATCH? READ THE TRANSCRIPT with highlights from the conversation.

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Conversation between Jan Ozer (NETINT) and Daniel Alinder (REALSRINT)



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