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Logan Video Server

Video Processing Unit - Server

Designed as a quickstart solution for high density live video encoding and transcoding, the Logan Video Server comprises ten T408 video transcoders in a 1RU chassis that performs the equivalent work of roughly 10 dedicated servers running a typical open-source FFmpeg and x264 or x265 configuration.

The server delivers the lowest TCO of any solution in the market, and is a drop-in replacement for existing CPU and GPU encoding stacks.

One Codensity G4 ASIC in each T408

Video Server

CPU Options
AMD EPYCTM 7232P Server Processor (8-core)
AMD EPYC 7543P Server Processor (32-core)
AMD EPYC 7713P Server Processor (64-core)
Operating System
Ubuntu 20.04.05 LTS (as of May 2023)
8x 16GB DDR4-3200
400GB M.2 SSD
NVMe Support
PCIe Expansion
Up to 3x PCIe slots
Network Options
Dual 10GBase-T LAN
Power Supply
700W: 100 – 140Vac
750W: 200 – 240Vac
750W: 200 – 240Vdc (CCC only)
10x NETINT T408
Throughput Capacity
80x 1080p30
20x 4Kp30
Codec Support
H.264, HEVC
Transcoder Software
FFmpeg, GStreamer
Physical Dimensions
W: 17.2” (437mm), H: 1.7” (43mm), D: 23.5” (597mm)
Rack Size
39 lbs (17.69 kg) (includes 10 processors)
50 degrees F to 95 degrees F Operating Temperature, 8% to 90% Operating Relative Humidity
Power Inputs
100 – 140Vac / 8 – 6V / 50-60Hz
200 – 240Vac / 4.5 – 3.8A / 50-60Hz
200 – 240Vdc / 4.5 – 3.8A (CCC Only)
RoHS Compliant, UL Approved

Work Flow

This is why Google built a custom ASIC for YouTube

For everyone else who isn’t Google, we did the heavy lifting for you.

We developed commercially available Smart VPU cards for easy drop-in replacement and immediate deployment.

NETINT Technologies - Server Density - This is why Google built a custom ASIC for YouTube

Cut your streaming OPEX by 80%

Cost comparison supporting 100 HD streams, 24/7, across 3 video encoding scenarios, over a three year period.

Companies that converted their software encoding to VPUs realized 75-85% savings in their data center’s OPEX expenses.

Smart VPU Product Line